MTech/ME admission in Delhi

Planning for MTech/ME admissions in New Delhi

Basically, New Delhi is the capital of India, and hub of international activities in India. While planning for higher study, specially for technically inclined courses like Master of Engineering/Master of Technology etc, location plays a significant role in shaping one's career. (There are lots of other criteria or inclinations are also there)
Some of the premier advantages include:
1. Connectivity to whole of India. Delhi provides the best connectivity to any part of our country (even to any part of world through IGI)
2. Centre of NCR, Basically NCR i.e. National Capital Region is the extended Capital due to policy formulation in 1980s. NCR is the hub lot of national and international companies.... Software, Hardware, Mechanical, Civil (Constructions), Hotel, Advertising, Drama, Malls, Shopping complexes etc
3. Challenging life... it offers a challenging environment... One can have interactions with almost every ethnic group of India and even world (take out a tour of Vasant PVR, near to IIT)
4. IIT Delhi, it has highest PG:UG ratio in our country. So, it directly or indirectly generates a demand pool in the City for High Technology Professionals.
5. World class coaching, and world level placement opportunity, like if one is planning for higher study/ research work during or after his Masters in Engineering or Technology.

Government Engineering Colleges in Delhi conducting Higher Degree Courses

There are lots of government funded higher professional colleges in Delhi and NCR. We will first  provide the list of colleges in Delhi, which consider the GATE score for admissions to their ME/MTech/Higher professional degree programmes.
There are three top government colleges which comes under Top 10 to Top 20 engineering colleges in India:
  1. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)
  2. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Autonomous Institute under University of Delhi, funded by Delhi Government. Previously known as DIT i.e. Delhi Institute of Technology.
  3. Delhi Technological University (DTU), University under Delhi Government. Previously known as DCE i.e. Delhi College of Engineering.
Other Government Higher Professional Institutes in in Delhi:
  1. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, AIT
  2. Indra Prastha University, IP Univ
  3. Ch. Charan Singh ....
Government funded higher educational institutes in NCR:
  1. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, CDAC Noida
Their are some top educational institutes in Delhi which have their own ME/MTech programs IIITD, and ISI Kolkata Branch.

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